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Welcome to the U.S. Naval Academy Class of '67

November 2013


The two big items on our Class agenda are the “Another Link in the Chain” (ALITC) program with the Class of 2017 and our now ongoing 50th Anniversary Class project.

The ’67 ALITC Store is now again open for purchase of ALITC specific items with the ’67-’17 logo and other Class merchandise. We are also offering the ’67-’17 Honor Coin and Class of 2017 Reef Points, separately or in combination. The Reef Points includes our Class history. Go to the Another Link in the Chain Store to make a purchase.

Jack Parry is our ALITC Chairman and has admirably handled the I Day and summer Plebe Parade events. There will be additional events as we move through the next 3 ½ years with 2017. Stay tuned and try to make one or more of the ALITC events over the coming three years. See the Class Facebook page and class-wide emails for details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140114778285

We have cheerfully been able to welcome many out-of-town classmates and families to the ’67 Village tailgate at Navy home football games. We’ve posted a“Rules of the Road” link on the Calendar for our tailgates and a graphic of the location just outside Gate D on the Blue (Brigade) side of the stadium.

We still have classmates in the “missing” category. We need your help in bringing everyone back into the fold. Your class officers continually attempt to run down “lost” classmates, and try to keep all “known” classmates from becoming “lost” again. To that end, I ask all of you to keep up the effort to find all of our 1,259 classmates who came together on our “I Day”- 26 June 1963. Turn in any and all “lost” classmates to me, Jim McNeece and/or Dick Meade! And, keep your own Alumni Association profile up-to-date! One last point, as we enter the new “mid-middle age”…we are still only at about 75% members in our Alma Mater’s Alumni Association. I want to see us approach 100%, as USNA shaped and molded us to serve and command superbly these past 45+ years!

We need to stay über-organized as a class and an integral part of our greater alumni body to ensure USNA continues to be, now and in the future, the national treasure it is. Your officers can lead the Class much more effectively if we are all members of the Alumni Association. We use the Association’s considerable and robust database for all class communications, reunion and IT support services. Please ensure your profile is current and you are signed into Online Community on www.usna.com (click at My Account). Again, our class Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140114778285 where we as a class are gathering many of our photos, videos, and news!

As 2013 comes to a close out I want to thank all who made donations/contributions over the past year to the Class ALITC Fund or a to the Class of ’67 50th Anniversary Class project and/or the Annual Fund. I do want to ask all classmates to consider making all your USNA charitable gifts through the Class project’s various components. I would like to see all do your maximum and consider being an annual Presidents Circle member at a minimum.

We alumni need to do our part in ensuring that USNA remains the premier leadership institution in the land.

I again want to thank your class officers for their involvement in helping me in achieving our goal of keeping ’67 a cohesive and enduring class. My kudos to Wayne Savage (VP), Jim McNeece (Scribe), Jack Parry (Treasurer & ALITC Chairman), Dick Meade (Web and Database Guru-“Dick of the Database”), and Steve Phillips (‘67 Store Manager).

Be involved, and in contact, often!
Go ’67!
Dave Church



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Go Navy!  Beat Army!!!



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