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U.S. Naval Academy Class of '67
November 2020


Greetings from Annapolis.

Thankfully 2020 will soon be over and we hope for no carry-over into the New Year!

Big things on the docket for the Class of 1967 are:

1. “The Class of 1967 Alumni Center Support Fund”

Informally known as the “1967 Gate Project” where the Class initiated goal of $500K for the new Alumni Association & Foundation Center will be recognized by prominent recognition at the new Alumni Center’s Gate #1.

A central component of this project is classmates are afforded the opportunity to have their name (and spouse/partner) on a prominent Plank Owners Board in the center. A Plank Owner is a classmate making a minimum gift/pledge of $12,500 to the project (single donation or pledge of $2,500 over five years, which also grants President Circle membership).

Call Dave Church or Jack Parry for details; or see www.usna.com and “Find your Class.”

2. Planning is underway for our 55th Reunion in the fall of 2022. The reunion will NOT be on Homecoming weekend per the majority vote of classmates.

With the COVID19 pandemic cancelling all 2020 fall reunions and thereby impacting the 2021 schedule, we are not making concrete plans at this moment, but rather just putting together an outline of activities. We envision our 55th to mirror the 50th’s events – no headquarters hotel and spread possibly over four days.

Start making your plans now to attend.

3. The traditional ‘67 Army-Navy party in Annapolis is cancelled.

4. Likewise, our traditional Annapolis March Dark Ages Party is also on track (95%) track to be cancelled due to the growing pandemic rebound.

5. We will hold off on scheduling the traditional I-Day Remembrance Gathering (no longer a picnic due to the popular vote to move into a facility!).

6. I still have a few copies of our outstanding ’67 50th Anniversary Book (and copies of our 1967 Lucky Bag)

7. As always, we need to stay über-organized as a class and maintain our role and reputation as a leader and integral part of our greater alumni body. We need to do our part to ensure USNA continues to be, now and in the future, the national treasure it is. Your officers are able to lead the Class effectively because we use the ’67 data in the Association’s robust database. Please keep your profile updated at www.usna.com, (click at “My Account”).

8. Again, our Class Facebook page is where we, over 450 classmates and spouses, are gathering many of our Class & family photos, videos, and news! (No politics, no over the edge humor or controversial topics – just “family” material).

9. In that vein – I ask that you consider dropping our Class Scribe, Jim McNeece scribe67@gmail.com, a paragraph or two about what you & your family have been up to in the past weeks/months/years! Our Shipmate column is read by every Classmate and we are interested in what you have to say!

10. Furthermore, on www.usna.com is a section www.usna.com/tributes-and-stories and www.usna.com/sea-stories where you can add Sea Stories to our ’67 Class or another classes’ section. We have so many Sea Stories – please take a few minutes and make your “history” permanent for generations to come.

11. I ask all of you to consider keeping your USNA charitable gifts coming to the USNA Foundation over the next years, while strongly considering staying, or becoming, at a minimum, an annual Presidents Circle member.

12. I also encourage all to consider the USNA Foundation Planned Giving Program and becoming a member of the Robert Means Thompson Society. Patti Bender, the Foundation’s planned giving officer (patti.bender@usna.com), is a marvelous lady to talk with as you do your financial planning. Several classmates have already worked with Patti on various planned giving opportunities. Or, go to https://www.usna.com/WaysToGive.

13. We ’67 alumni need to do our part in ensuring that USNA remains the premier leadership institution in the land.

14. I urge all Classmates to be involved with your local Chapter! You don’t need to attend all/any of the events or be a leader (although many of our fellow classmates have been or are still serving in leadership roles); join and be connected to USNA through another avenue.

I again want to thank Wayne Savage (VP), Jim McNeece (Scribe), Jack Parry (Treasurer), Dick Meade (Web and Database Guru - “Dick of the Database” - DOTDB), and Steve Phillips (‘67 Store Manager) for their service.

Be involved, and be in contact, often!

Go ’67!

Dave Church


'67 Sez:

Go Navy!  Beat Army!!!



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